Re-imagining the schizophrenic, visual landscape of India. One edition at a time.


Indianama is an inclusive platform that curates and showcases the work of multi-disciplinary artists, across boundaries. A single vision binds them all – to express India through divergent and unifying ideas/ideologies that make the country.



The second edition had a resurgent voice – to reimagine the hackneyed imagery the world has of us. When in reality, the country’s visual landscape is prodigious. We invited 70 artists from across continents to respond with a film. This edition travelled across the Web, and was exhibited at the London Design Festival.

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In 2016, India celebrated 69 years of independence. The first edition was a documentation of the stories (told and untold) that made India – through design. We invited 69 artists to be part of this journey. Every artist was asked to pick a year from 1947 to 2016, and create art inspired by these stories and events. 

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