Re-imagining the schizophrenic, visual landscape of India. One edition at a time.


Indianama is an inclusive platform that curates and showcases the work of multi-disciplinary artists, across boundaries. A single vision binds them all – to express India through divergent and unifying ideas/ideologies that make the country.



The street is a fascinating place. And for the artist – the poet, the designer, the visionary, it is the anvil on which much of his art is forged. The streets shape his soul and provide him with succour and inspiration. Indianama, 2018, in a sense, is an edition that is seeded in the streets of India. It is a hip almanac of evocative ideas that features system identities conceived at and for the urban spaces. The works of 71 graphic designers are cross-fertilised with vibrant street-side shops. It is a design project, an idea and in essence a distillation of all that is vibrant, divergent, reflective, and humorous about our inner city intersections.

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The second edition had a resurgent voice – to reimagine the hackneyed imagery the world has of us. When in reality, the country’s visual landscape is prodigious. We invited 70 artists from across continents to respond with a film. This edition travelled across the Web, and was exhibited at the London Design Festival.

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In 2016, India celebrated 69 years of independence. The first edition was a documentation of the stories (told and untold) that made India – through design. We invited 69 artists to be part of this journey. Every artist was asked to pick a year from 1947 to 2016, and create art inspired by these stories and events. 

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