sacrosanct sanctum


When I read the brief about this particular theme it talked about forests, libraries and coffee houses being sacred. Indeed they are, these places might be quite different from eachother but one thing that is common toall these is bliss; these are places to which we can escape, our hideouts, our idea generating machines, places we chill in. Speaking of forests, I doubt there is anyone on this planet or the other for whom nature is not a balm, who doesn't enjoy nature or the wilderness of it and the way it smells of freedom away from the materialism of the cities. Libraries, places where you get to enter whichever world you wish to. But what makes a library? Is it just a room full of books? We all have our own library, our records of memories and people, their stories and yet another product of today's world; human libraries. In a way, arent coffee houses like human libraries? For us, these places are like portals to another world and the universe has as many worlds as the living libraries; the people; living in the real world or in the world we wish to be a part of and sometimes we get lost in someone else's world; in their stories.