myths magic and microbiology


Astrology and Ayurveda. One predicts the future and the other if followed to the tee, can change it. Seems promising, although reality is anything but. For centuries, Astrology and Ayurveda have prayed on the weak, the unsettled and in most cases, the gullible. A market has been created where enterprising scam artists, play shepherd, leading their gullible flock via the “express route” to the so-called “Promise Land”. A place where you get to play god and control your destiny, although pay a price along the way. And make no doubt about it, the price is hefty. Every day new entrepreneurs enter the market. They come with many titles; Prophet, Saviour, Prophesier and each one of them have cleaned up and made a dent in the market with their so called – “Healing products”. Shop around and you’ll find everything from the cure for homosexuality to a pill that ensures the birth of a male child. The attached work aims to shed light on some of the scams and myths that people have bought into and highlights how they’ve left products like the iPhone behind and have become the new hot ticket items.