69 artists come together to re-imagine 69 years of the journey of independent India, year by year.

India completes 69 years of it's independence on 15th August this year. A lot has happened in these years, and a lot more could. Indianama is a documentation of events and stories, told and untold. Of folklores that shaped the country to it's present avatar. We invited 69 artists to come together and be a part of this journey.


2006 :  "On 29 August 2006, a 90% iron meteorite fell near Rawatbhata, Rajasthan Atomic Power Station and was discovered by two shepherds. This impact could have caused devastation on an unimaginable scale, reported GSI scientists. Had things gone differently, this spectacular event of discovering one of the rarest meteorites could have also been a disastrous occurrence of our time." ~  Svabhu Kohli