festival of life


Soundscapes of India:
Picture any place in India, what comes to mind? Colors, Architecture, People, Festivity, Gods & Goddess, desert, heat? Close your eyes and the Auditory elements pertaining to India is also quite diverse. Laughing Monkeys, babies crying, people working, roar at the cricket stadium, dogs barking and the innumerable unique sound make India a great acoustic experience. We like to term this as “AcousticIndia”. Documenting these sounds heard by people moving through the landscape, we’re able to more fully understand the culture, and thus better relate to each other. These sounds could be heard from close by, and perhaps coming from distant locations as well.

India is always celebrating. The craziness and the sounds make the festivities always memorable.The graphic elements will enhance this concept. The entire poster comprises of 12 cassettes depicting the different sounds which define a location..like The jostling camel sounds at Thar desert, the tinkling cowbells of vast serene landscape of Gulmarg, the energetic sounds and the burst of fire from the hot air balloon as it lifts up in Pushkar balloon festival. Every cassette will have these texts written which represents nostalgic sounds that define the location. Based on the sound each of the environments will be designed with brief textures and colors that represent the location.