atithi devo bhava


For my artwork titled around the old adage Atithi Devo Bhava (Guest is God), I thought nobody else would do as much justice as our hospitable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The entire poster revolves around him as a central figure- hugging each world leader warmly- a very strong political stance of being diplomatic with all (whether it is Trump or Putin). It also references the current scenario such as his stand on welcoming foreign investments, the market, nationalistic overtones as well as the recent snapchat controversy. With this motion-poster my intention was to blur the lines between satire and grim reality because in the recent past we have been guilty of asking ourselves- is this a good move or is this just entertaining? On the outside it looks like every other kitschy political poster welcoming all to India but a closer look reveals questions that we may have been too afraid to ask.