When you look for design around you, visual communications that are India centric - you might notice a gaping wide absence in modern Indian visual language. As a brand, India lacked in modern visual presence, and we sought out a role for ourselves to add to the ever increasing visual experiments and narratives.


Indianama is a visual communication entity that facilitates showcasing the work of the entire creative community by facilitating collaboration, curation and creation - with the purpose of expressing stories and moods around India through a common theme.  

We collaborate with various promising and established talent in the creative circuit on a daily basis and it felt like a natural progression to involve all of them towards a common goal - uniting them with a common theme: India.

Today, Indianama is a concrete idea that can travel to any space, and be moulded to suit any purpose. We will be initiating design for identity systems that have a citywide application, signage systems that speak on behalf of the city, typography and type-styles that can be adapted by local authorities and serve governmental functions.

Give us a medium. We’ll create the dialogue.